BuddyExpress.com monetizes luggage space by connecting travelers with extra luggage space to people with shipping or shopping needs

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TipGenie.com is a mobile payment app that helps service professionals earn more tips by making it easy to tip anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Social Bots

CyberMonday.ai and BlackFriday.ai The power of AI trained and enhanced by insights from your friends

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Always in the pursuit of excellence.

I specialize in developing software that supports amazing user experiences.

Passionate about helping others succeed through leadership and mentoring.

16 years of experience developing high-quality software, using best practices in tools and processes for all stages of the software development lifecycle.

Proven track record of architecting and implementing end-to-end client/server systems rooted in strong background in both development and quality assurance.

Demonstrated leadership, teamwork and cross-group collaboration skills. Consistently led local and international teams to ship timely releases.


Recognized with multiple patents and awards for excellence.

Past Experiments

A few ideas ahead of their time ...

2000 - 2003

An online sharing-economy marketplace, matching favors and tasks on demand. Designed to allow users to find immediate help or provide their services for any tasks.

2003 - 2004

Social sharing of media content via instant messaging applications such as AIM and MS Messenger. Novel attempt to solve media piracy problem by turning users into affiliates, paying them to distribute music.
Patent Application #US20050097006